Friday, 27 March 2015

Tribute to Mr Lee Kuan Yew - Kai Ferng's Group

As a generation born into Lee Kuan Yew's creation, modern Singapore, we cannot really feel the impacts of his actions since we experience life in a third world Singapore. However, based on our parents and elder's stories, we have a a lot to learn from him. Despite all he has been through, from the Japanese occupation, to Malaya kicking Singapore out of their country, he still persevered through to get Singapore to where it is today. From his contributions, Singapore has been brought from a mere fishing village in the middle of giants, to a booming economic society, towering over others around us.
By : Kaifeng, Chengferng, Jedidiah, Reuben and Ryan

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  1. As a Singapore citizen that was not around when Mr Lee Kuan Yew was Prime Minister, I have had learned what Mr Lee fought for, leading Singapore onto the path that he believed was best for Singapore. When things did not go as he planned, Mr Lee still took the task of nation-building into his own hands.

    The most inspiring fact of Mr Lee was that he was future-looking and could predict what kind of problems our then-developing country would face in the future. Moreover, he knew how to solve the problems efficiently and effectively. Even after several decades, citizens of Singapore are still benefiting from his decisions he made.

    The ever meticulous, persistent, with tremendous drive and spirit, never quitting Mr Lee also saw to the continued success of Singapore beyond him through leadership succession.

    All of his actions built up a strong defence capability to protect our sovereignty, a vibrant economy which created good jobs, a sound education system and excellent infrastructure, housing and environment. He transformed Singapore from a Third World to First World country.